3 de febrero de 2015

Memebox abandona los envíos internacionales (COMUNICADO OFICIAL)

¡Parece que estoy pesadita con Memebox! Pero esta vez es para daros una mala noticia:

Parece ser que Memebox abandona los envíos internacionales "temporalmente" (afirman que volverán en el futuro).
Me ha dado mucha pena leer esta noticia ya que he descubierto Memebox hace muy poquito y no he podido aprovecharlo demasiado.
Sin embargo, tengo dos Memebox en camino y seguiré realizando compras a través de Shipito (una página web que, en resumen, ofrece un servicio para reenviar los paquetes comprados a Estados Unidos a cualquier país), de modo que la cosmética coreana seguirá apareciendo en el blog.

Para las que queráis adquirir alguna beautybox de Memebox todavía estáis a tiempo: tenéis hasta el 10 de Febrero para adquirirlas (se cancelan los envíos internacionales a partir del día 11).
En cuanto a Shipito, prometo que subiré una entrada explicando con detalle cómo funciona. Creo que es algo interesante ya que nos permite comprar no sólo a Memebox, si no a cualquier tienda on-line de Estados Unidos que no realice envíos a nuestro país.

Os dejo el comunicado oficial de Memebox:

"Dear International Memebox Customers,
When we first launched our company in 2013, we had a vision of providing our customers worldwide easy access to Korean beauty products. We grew quickly, and are excited to have done this for so many people. However, this huge goal means we face many challenges, and have sadly realized that we are unable to deliver an excellent customer experience for all of our international customers.
In order to offer fast shipping times, attentive customer support, and a seamless ordering process, we’ve made the difficult decision to stop international deliveries as of February 10th, 2015.
Moving forward, we will only be able to ship to locations where we have a domestic shipping presence: US, China, and Korea. This means that all orders placed on us.memebox.com must be shipped to a US address as of 11:59 PM PST, February 10th, 2015. All existing and future orders will be shipped by the 13th of February.
It is with a heavy heart that Memebox makes this unfortunate announcement. We have really enjoyed providing our services and we’ll miss you all so much. You all have been so amazing and loyal. This was a painful decision, but a necessary one in order to improve our shipping process until it is perfected and ready to expand internationallyMemebox loves and values all our customers, and we’re excited to create a better experience for all our customers to return to you again in the future.
We know this is difficult, and we’ve set up feedback@memebox.com and a community forum athttp://ushelp.memebox.com/hc/communities/public/topics where we will be answering any questions you may have.
We’ve also put together a helpful FAQ here: http://ushelp.memebox.com/…/200313669-FREQUENTLY-ASKED-QUES…
Thank you."

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